Your Library of Uniform Resources

  • URLib is a handy tool for me to save my bookmarks in a central yet easily accessible place and also a fun programming exercise.
  • This site is built with a JSON-API backend wrote in Google Go and a HTML/JS front end using Bulma/VueJS. Once completed you can access all of your information via the API endpoints in your own custom website or with this website here.
  • Right now, URLib is barely functional but I hope to improve the user experience and functionality slowly over time.

If you'd like to give it a try, register an account. If you already have an account you can open the startpage to view your library.

The best way to add bookmarks to your library is via the below Bookmarklet, otherwise you can use the post page.

Bookmarklet <--- You need this

The below bookmarklet will take the page title and URL and any highlighted text and pass it to the URLib post page. It's the best way to add bookmarks!

To install the bookmarklet, just click on the below URL+ link and drag it to your browers bookmark bar. You may need to enable the bookmarks bar if you don't have it visable already.


To use the bookmarklet, open any website you visit frequently or want to save. Optionally, you can highlight a block of text to use as the description. Then click on the URL+ link on your bookmark bar.